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What is fundamental to all happy and longlasting marriages? 


Do the Doctors ever fight?


Where have the Doctors traveled to conduct interview with happily married couples throughout the world?


Are successful marriages the same around the world?  


Why have the Doctors spent the past 40 years researching what it takes to make love and marriage successful for a lifetime together? 

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Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz began researching long-term relationships over 40 years ago to determine whether couples in successful marriages shared any common characteristics or practices. These academics immersed themselves in a world of data and have become experts in the hallmarks of long-term relationship success. Over the course of their careers, the two have authored self-help books, appeared on TV segments, and published over 1,100 informative articles about love, marriage, and communication. They have also been married for over 55 years.

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