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Why the most successful can't imagine life without each other?


Why trust is at the heart of the most successful marriages?


Why the factors that make marriage work are universal around the world?


How the best marriages survive the bad times?

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America's Favorite Love and Marriage Experts
Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz

on WOR News Talk Radio 710 AM
The Joey Reynolds Show
New York City

Love and Marriage Experts on The Joey Reynolds Show WOR New York City

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on WOR - News Talk Radio 710 AM

About Joey Reynolds

Joey Reynolds considers his show the “Seinfeld of Radio” – it’s about nothing and it’s a hit! Actually, it’s more like a party every night-- with good friends like Les Paul and Michael Imperioli, you never know just who will stop by! He treats them like family, as though they're a permanent fixture on his show. Joey’s unique style sparkles with a refreshingly rare, sharp and spontaneous wit. He keeps the loyalty of his listeners by making them feel like they’re in on the joke. Source: WOR

Joey Reynolds
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Love and Marriage Experts appear on the Joey Reynolds Show