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What is the most important thing the Doctors found in
their 26 years
of research?

What are the
simple things that matter?

Why study successful marriage and rather than failure?

Why provide couples with a model?

What is the
Doctors’ mission?

What does Two to Tango mean?

Do couples alwys carry the load equally?

What is the importance of touching
in these long-time successful marriages?

How important
is trust?

Should your spouse be your best friend?

Watch America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts
Interview on FamilyNet Television
Everyday with Marcus and Lisa Show

About Marcus and Lisa Ryan

Marcus and Lisa Ryan are the hosts of EveryDay with Marcus and Lisa and the parents of three daughters. The show airs live Monday through Friday at 11 am ET.

Marcus Ryan is the author of Restless Journey: Every Man’s Struggle for Significance. Marcus holds a master’s degree in television production and management and a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University.

Lisa Ryan is a former co-host and features producer for The 700 Club. She has authored two books to encourage young women in their personal growth, For Such a Time as This and Generation Esther. Source: FamilyNet Television - The Everyday with Marcus and Lisa Show Website