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Listen to
the Interview
to Hear the Love and Marriage Experts answer:

Is the Doctors marriage still alive and well?

Was there any disagreement when they were writing their book?

Are they using their own advice that they give in their book?

How do you create a climate where you can work out financial issues in these tough economic times?

Do successfully married couples have it good all the time?

How to the Doctors respond to Mr. Right and Mrs. Right?

How do children change the chemistry of a marriage?

Listen to the answers by America's Favorite Love and Marriage Experts to
other fun questions that were on the Senator's mind . .

Listen to the Interview with
America's Favorite Love and Marriage Experts
Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz
appearing as Holland's guests for the third time

on Straight Talk
with Host Senator Holland Redfield
WSTX 970 AM ~ Virgin Islands

About Holland Redfield

Holland Redfield is the Virgin Islands high-flying guru of politics, government, economics, business, real estate and the fourth estate where he has earned the distinction of not being considered a politician, but a statesman. He's seen it all, heard it all and now, says it all, on Straight Talk with Redfield.

Since 1968 Redfield learned about the Virgin Islands and its people as one of the youngest captains flying locals, dignitaries and others with the legendary Charlie Blair & Maureen O'Hara and their incomparable sea plane airline, Antilles Airboats.

His thoughtful and reassuring voice on that talk show let people know that he was there for them. He afforded the listeners the opportunity to vent their frustrations and, ever so constructively, turned those frustrations in a positive direction helping to keep the Virgin Islands united through perilous times.

Straight Talk
with Holland Redfield

Love and Marriage Experts Dr. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz interview on Straight Talk with Holland Redfield